Intro to Alberta Medieval Settlement

Take a journey back in time!

Step through the portcullis and enter the world of England near the end of the Medieval period-1450. Once inside the walls, you are surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of a working medieval village.

The Alberta Medieval Settlement is a historically accurate village set in 1450 England where you are invited to be a part of the story. Talk to the historical re-enactors who will be onsite living the lives of medieval peasants, artisans and merchants. Enter the homes and experience how people of the time lived. Wander through the streets and see daily life as it happened. Watch skilled artisans as they make the items ranging from dishes to door latches to tools and furniture. Try your hand at some of the skills that were once needed in order to survive in a time before machines and technology.

No two visits will ever be the same! Because the village is a working glimpse into the past, it follows the seasons. Because you are invited to witness the work from the moment the first stone is laid, there will always be work in progress and new things to see and explore. Come in the spring as the crops are planted and new life comes into the communal barn. Come in the fall to experience the bounty of the harvest. Come during one of the many festivities and join the party!

The Alberta Medieval Settlement is living history…..vibrant and always on the move.

Come and be a part of the adventure!

Alberta Medieval Settlement Showcase Video

Learn about the history of Alberta Medieval settlement.

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