We have recently received our Concept walkthrough plans that were put together by Alberta Stonemasons Council. As these are the initial concept and first draft of the site these plans are subject to change and with any large scale building operation this is an integral part of the evolution of the site.

The settlement is based on the La Couvertoirade commune in the Aveyron department in southern France.

This well-preserved fortified town was owned by the Knights Templar, under orders from the Commandery of Sainte-Eulalie, from the twelfth century. The Templars built the fortress there during the 12th and 13th centuries; its two upper floors have since been removed. Following their dissolution in 1312, the Templars’ property in the causses was taken by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem who were responsible for building the curtain wall at La Couvertoirade between 1439 and 1450.

Like other Larzac villages, the population fell rapidly in the 19th century, to as few as 362 by 1880. Today, it is largely inhabited by craftsmen working with enamel, pottery, weaving and similar crafts.

Concept Videos.

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