Brooks Faire 2018

Another year and another faire is right around the corner…the 2018 Brooks Medieval Faire will celebrate its 15th year. From humble beginnings in a park as a fundraiser for the local library, to the bustling showcase of history that it has become, it’s been a wild ride.


Over the span of 15 years, different people and different organizations have come and gone, each one lending their creativity and their vision to build the faire into a place where history could come alive and people could come together to have good family fun.  Where they could learn something new and be entertained by all of the amazing people who come together for this one wonderful weekend.


This year is no different, as a new board and a new team have come together to bring a fresh new vision to the faire. It has been a year of making new friends, learning new skills and discovering new things that we can use to make this faire all that we know it can be. We have found barriers we never expected, found solutions that have astounded us and have met some of the most amazing people anyone could ever hope to be involved with.


We’re looking forward to growing with the people, the groups and the City of Brooks as this faire moves forward into a new chapter. We view the word “change” as being more aligned with the notion of “evolution” and we can’t wait to see how people move forward in that evolution.  We hope we will see the Brooks Medieval Faire become larger, more amazing (is that even possible?) and more diverse. We hope to capture imaginations, tickle funnybones and bring people out to see the largest medieval gathering in all of western Canada.


We are so blessed to be doing what we do and we are looking forward to sharing our sense of fun and adventure.


Let the adventure begin!!


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