The Tudor period governed life in England from 1485-1603 and saw a radical shift in power. The Church was no longer the supreme authority and the Crown opened trade, exploration and innovation. But history is not static and farming communities were often slow to embrace new ways of doing things.  Many of the skills that can be seen in the Tudor documentary are reliant on the customs and hard-earned knowledge that was passed down from generations before. The Late Medieval period of 1272-1485 formed a bedrock of customs and the practices of daily life that continued for centuries. Proven methods of farming, animal husbandry and home management remained the same for generations. This series featuring Tudor life also highlights the life of the common people in 1450.

Tudor Monastery Farm: 01

Tudor Monastery Farm: 04

Tudor Monastery Farm: 02

Tudor Monastery Farm: 05

Tudor Monastery Farm: 03

Tudor Monastery Farm: 06