Discover the Brooks Aqueduct National/Provincial Historic Site, and learn the fascinating story of this monumental structure.

Brooks Aquaduct

Enter a stunning facility and embark upon an unforgettable journey as you delight in fantastic Exhibitions and dazzling Performances, and enjoy an exciting, authentic, Blackfoot cultural experience.

Blackfoot Crossing

Built in 1974 and is situated on seven acres of land on the east side of Brooks, the Brooks and District Museum was created with the mission to educate the public about Southern Alberta’s cultural heritage by collecting, preserving, and portraying the areas stories.

Brooks Museum

All the water delivered through the irrigation system of the Eastern Irrigation District is diverted from the Bow River at the Bassano Dam.

Bassano Dam

The EID Historical Park was established in 1976 by a group of residents and farmers who wanted to preserve the history of the settlers who came to this area starting in 1917.

Eid Historical Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park UNESCO World Heritage Site is located 48 km northeast (1/2 hour drive) from Brooks, Alberta

Dinosaur Provincial Park