Brooks Medieval Faire

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Hello vendors!

The 2019 Vendor Application Package is now available! Please read the entire package thoroughly as there are some changes from last year.
Please don’t send vendor fees with your application! You will receive payment instructions with an acceptance letter if you are accepted as a vendor.

You can download the 2019 Brooks Vendor Package here!

The list of vendors will be updated regularly as applications are accepted. Please be patient as we review the applications.

Current Vendor List

Last updated June 24th 2019

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade – Freshly Squeezed Lemonade with your choice of flavour shots or try an Iced Coffee!

Rocky Mountain Maille – A wonderful assortment of hand made jewelry, ornaments done with chainmaille; chainmaille with leather armour, and steelplate with leather armour. Come and watch Matthew crafting in this long lost art!

The Beaded Veil – Lace collars, slave bracelets and headpieces. Jewelry including chainmaille and Celtic designs – a must see!

The Lizard’s Lair – Always a popular stop for guests attending the Brooks Faire. Admire the costumes, wings, hairpieces and purses. Look for masks, eyepatches, dreamcatches and pictures worked in leather.

Prairie Rose Crochet – a must see booth with all of the necessary accessories to go medieval – crochet crowns, swords, kid’s armour & helmets and dragon fingerless gloves. Handmade unicorns dragons and dinosaurs to cuddle and it’s never too early to shop for various Christmas items!

Nan’s Diner – snow cones, shaved ice, mini donuts and cotton candy – a perfect way to top off your favorite faire foods after trying the handmade hamburgers, poutines, fries, hot dogs and beef on a bun.

Red Moon Curios – If you love fantasy come and see Dragons, Gargoyles, fairies skulls, and knights – statues and lamps. The flintlocks are a must see!

Henna Artistry – using all natural henna for body art; watch as this artist draws beautiful designs on hands and how quickly and perfectly she does this ancient art style.

The Blacksmith’s Wench – Check out the chainmaill, clothing and jewellery made from silver clay. Try your luck with your making your own gemstones with do-it-yourself kits.

Cennets Machine & Metal Working – swords, daggers and knives galore. Leather belts and pouches are among the many hand-made treasures in this vendor’s booth.

Stone Wood and Steel – hand forged items – knives, axes, fire pokers and bottle openers. Check out the classes offered to learn the craft of blacksmithing.

Beneath the Bridge – See the needlefelt sculptures in a medieval fantasy theme and check out the polymer clay sculpture to add to your decor.

JPL Designs – This longtime vendor of the Brooks Faire offers new and exciting designs done by Jody – fixed sizes and adjustable rings are offered. For any regal head, they offer crowns, headbands and headdresses, hair clips and combs. Test the essential oils spray while admiring gemstone necklaces and earrings.

Blue Sage Treasures – Gems, crystals and fossils are just some of the interesting things in this booth. Crowns of flowers, macrame and wire wrapped bands are available. See the handcrafted Gnomes and dragons. Sage and smudge sprays and essential oil rollers can be found here.

Mystic Balance & OCTO Crystals – Medieval inspired dresses, bags & pouches and cloth & metal belts are just a few of the goodies that these ladies can outfit you with! With crystals, rocks, minerals and fossils as your talisman, they will guide you safely on your journey!
Look for us on Etsy!

Celtic Mountain Wool & Leather – Wool felted ornaments, woodland animals, Gnomes, wizards, and fairies – all a must see on this vendor’s table. Leather cuffs with Viking and Celtic engravings along with circlets and crowns – something for everyone at this booth.

T’z Tz & More – A new vendor to Brooks this displaying crystals & minerals, gemstone bracelets, floral wreaths and everybody’s favourite – Tie Dye t-shirts and accessories. Stop in and see this colourful booth.

Galeana’s Closet – A faire staple with clothing for all Lords Ladies. From cloaks, to dresses, robes to viking pants and head ware of all sorts. Don’t forget to look for accessories such as belts and pouches.

Browyn’s Jewellery – Another long time vendor of the Brooks Faire Browyn’s Jewellery offers circlets, rings, bracelets, necklaces & earrings. Look for hair clips and try on some fanciful head ware.

Ben & Simon’s Pie Shoppe – For the fifth year at the Brooks Faire, this vendor will tempt you with personal size pies, scones, cookies and freshly baked bread. They have gluten free products so one and all may enjoy a sweetie!

Bears Den Woodworks – Come and see these amazing stargazer chairs. Admire the skill and artistic beauty of these collapsible chairs.

Rustic Ranch Soap & Beauty Company – Handcrafted body essentials of soaps, lotions, bath balms and butters – all the luxuries for relaxation and rest.

Six Guns Sauvy Crafting & Fabrication – see various fabricated horseshoe crafts – celtic crosses and knotwork, nail jewellery and much more from this vendor.

Crescent Hollow Healing – Have a tarot & energy card reading or intuitive reading and scrying done at this vendor. Crystals, cards, tapestries and pendulums to name just a few of interesting products this vendor offers.

The Merry Merchants – Wonderful handcrafted delights for the kids – colorful cotton backpacks, wood toys and various themed puzzles. For the “bigger kids” Celtic knot cotton sheets and a large variety of jewellery will intrigue one and all.

Corvidae Album: Books and More – Leather bound books and journals embellished with dragon patterns, metal wall plaques and bindrune key chains are just a few of this vendor’s many talents.

Wolfram’s Wares – Imported jewellery, alms purses, Celtic t-shirt designs, and ale tankards are just a few of the wonderful discoveries you will see on this vendor’s table.

Baked and Loaded – This new food truck offers baked potatoes with all of the fixings such as pulled pork, Taco mix, English Shepard’s Pie plus a few other toppings for a baked potato you haven’t even thought of yet!

Golden Scarab – This new vendor offers cloaks and other middle eastern style clothing with offshoots of different tunics with a grand blend of hand crafted goods and gemstones.

Kwality Ice Cream – Refreshing ice cream cones, sundaes and slushies for all faire-goer’s after a hot afternoon of sword fighting and battles. Come and Enjoy!

The Pagan Nun – From a time when the ancient Celtic ways were introduced to Christianity, the Pagan Nun provides spiritual advice and path way enlightenment through tarot/angel card readings, energy interpretation and intuitive spiritual expression exercises using art and music. A variety of talismans and charms will be available for purchase.

Prairie Chuck Wagon – We welcome this returning vendor who offers hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, fries, poutine and Taco bags. Look for the all day Breakfast Sandwiches for those who are late risers. Chips, ice-cream sandwiches, freezies, pop, coffee and juice round out this food truck’s menu.

Friends & Gems – This delightful group offers Oracle and Tarot decks, dragon figurines and statues. Crystal bracelets and rings with tumbled stones, smudge kits, fairy figurines, cauldrons and chalices grace this long time vendor!

Dumbough Ears – Satisfying any sweet tooth this food truck offers many of your favorite toppings for Elephant ears galore!

Ornamentation by Nancy – hand-made chainmaille and scalemaille jewelry, crystal and lava jewelry too. Look for many decorative accessories for your home. Take a quick sneak peek on our Facebook page.

H3 Studios – For the lovers of Fantasy fiction this is the booth to come to.  Also offered are character prints and artwork based on the H3 world.

Moonlight Workers – What would the Brooks Faire be without the booth from Moonlight Workers.  Have an intuitive Angel Card reading and consultation from these remarkable ladies.

Streatside Cuisine – Appearing for another year with the faire, Streatside Cuisine offers tacos, Indonesian Chicken Curry, Beef Chimichurri and a selection of soda pop to round out your meal.

Sweet Hard Candy – Once again handmade candy comes to Brooks. Look for lollipops big & small, candy-coated marshmallows and gourmet cotton candy is a true faire-goers treat!

Model T Smokies – Always fun to visit this unique vendor. From jumbo chilli cheese dogs to smokies to hamburgers always a good place to stop and visit!

Iron Sunset Forge – This vendor offers a large variety of hand forged items including fire pokers, candleholders, necklaces, tent pegs, good luck charms, trivets drinking horn stands – are just a small list of their inventory. Give yourself lots of time to scour this table!

The Doodlebug – Handmade leather-bound books and journals can be found on this vendor’s table. Have a good look at the handmade jewellery done in silver!

Churros Anyone? – Come and enjoy this Spanish pastry delight. Topped with frozen banana, cinnamon sugar or vanilla ice-cream a must try for any sweet-tooth!

The Urban Gypsy – Another return vendor to the Brooks Medieval Faire. This year her offerings are Boho meets Steampunk thrown in with some New Age to round off the table. With offerings of leather good galore, macrame and gemstone jewellery to magic wands and dream catchers this table will amaze one and all. Have your tarot cards read to complete your afternoon!

Dark Age Creations – A faire favourite for not only the re-enactors and faire goers alike! See all of the swords, armour, knives, shields and Archery Equipment. You will be amazed with the displayed leather goods and jewellery.

Hard & Soft Ice Cream – Perfect for a hot summer’s day in Brooks and faire goers favourite cool down!

Shining Brow Designs – Come and see the talent of this artist. Hand painted clothing and keepsakes of all themes and designs. Take note that our front gate dragons were done for us by this clever fellow!

Castle Keep Crafts – You will notice several crochet dragons walking around the grounds are made by this vendor. Offering unicorns and Celtic dolls crotched with love and care. For the re-enactors find ruin bags, key fobs, bracers, mead horn holders are just a few of the delights on this table!

Good Knights – Wooden Swords and Shields just the right size for the younger ones. Also, check out their themed over-night specials as D&D and Game of Thrones. A lovely wedding venue for those with a medieval theme wedding!

Solas Creations – Another interesting vendor for this years faire. Solas Creations features many wonderful items to get your geek on such as Essential Molecules, Doctor Who quotes, ancient maps and intricate Celtic designs.