Brooks Medieval Faire

Battle of Brooks – Medieval Combat Tournament


Battle of Brooks

Battle of Brooks 2017

Presented by The Forge– Western Martial Arts

Western Canada’s largest Medieval Armoured Combat Tournament


Award Sponsor: SGT Blades, of Airdrie Alberta. providing a beautifully hand crafted Damascus Knife with Stingray skin sheath to a lucky Participant!

This year will be bigger than ever, with Medieval Armoured Combat Teams coming from all over Western Canada! Some members from attending teams have competed over seas in the World Championships in Europe this very year! And yes! We have Medalists in attendance!

Note, that this is not re-enactment, this is Historical European Martial arts, and is closer to MMA fighting with full contact hits and take downs! Come watch the spectacle! Participants train in a variety of European and world martial arts year round.

Battles will be fought at the List all weekend, with 3 vs 3 melee battles, 1 vs 1 duels in Longsword, Sword & Shield and Polearm. Melees are a “last man standing” sport, and the Duels are scored by hits and takes downs.
So, don’t forget your camera, take your videos and photos, and post them to our Facebook page! Tag your friends in the photos we have posted!

This full contact sport at the Brooks Medieval faire, was inspired by members of the Lethbridge Medieval Club, and Calgary competitors in 2014, when they demonstrated IMCF Rules Competition style Medieval Armoured combat. Some of us spectators were so in awe, and amazed that this sport even existed, that we decided right then and there, that we had to be a part of this, and new teams sprung up on the spot!
IMCF-International Medieval Combat Federation

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This inspired and spawned a brand new team in Calgary soon to be named Ironhart Vanguard. They trained all year, and gathered up their amour at the very last minute to compete in the very first Battle of Brooks against members of the Lethbridge Medieval Club in 2015! (To become Company of the Black Spears)  As you can imagine, this in turn, inspired other clubs in other cities, connected the teams with other clubs in the region, across Canada, and even Globaly.  In 2016 the Battle of Brooks saw members from 6 teams competing, marking it as a more regional tournament in Western Canada.

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The momentum of this Growing sport, has not calmed in the least.  The Battle of Brooks 2017 is poised to be the biggest yet, by welcoming teams from 4 Provinces, as well as multiple cities.  We hope to inspire more teams, and have more from other cities, Provinces, and even other countries join us in the future.
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Come watch the spectacle as Fighters clash with full contact hits, in full armoured splendour. Pick your favourite and cheer them on! Teams train all year long for this competition, and gear up for it with much anticipation. This year will see the induction of new Canadian teams!

Join us Sunday afternoon for our medals ceremony, where the champions of the weekend are awarded for their prowess and skills on the field.

Learn more about this growing sport, and how you can find a team in your area, by visiting and the International Medieval Combat Federation website at

Teams Competing in the Battle of Brooks:

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– Ironhart Vanguard – A division of The Forge, Calgary.

– Company of the Black Spears, Lethbridge.

Blades of the Crimson Aurora, Edmonton.

Ice Eaters, Hinton ( With one veteran of the world championships)

Yukon Territories:

– Company of the White Wolf, White Horse. (Veterans of world championships)



– Saskatchewan Western Reds

British Columbia:

Fighters of the Feral Fang from Kimberly B.C. Brand new team this year and their first tournament! 

Spirit Bear Company, Vancouver.

No longer able to attend, see them next year!

Wakinyan QC – Joining us all the way from Quebec for the first time, who are also veterans of the World Championships in Europe. @WakinyanQc

Come watch the spectacle, and clashing of armour and be a part of something spectacular!

For more information, or if you want to learn this Martial art, learn sword skills, train with us, or find out more, please visit The Forge for Calgary, and for a list of other clubs you can learn martial arts at visit: Find a HEMA Club near you

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For more information about Medieval armoured combat, visit:
International Medieval Armoured Combat Federation Or
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