Brooks Medieval Faire

The Feast

Saturday August 10th 2019

Seating at 5:30pm, Service at 6:00pm

Entertainment throughout by Calum the Storyteller and The Calgary Renaissance Singers.

For 2019 Ernie’s BBQ will be putting on a mouth-watering feast that will have something for everyone!


Barbecued Whole Hog Cut On-Site with a variety of dipping sauces

Pickles and pickled peppers

Fresh baked dinner roll

Spinach Fruit Salad

Fresh Homemade Cupcakes 

Mixed Cooked Vegetables

Sweet Glazed Baby Carrots 

Coleslaw & Tossed salad

Roasted Baby Potatoes & Ranch Dip

For beverages we’ll have:

Lemonade & Chinook Arch Mead

Tickets for the feast can be purchased for $50 on Eventbrite.