Brooks Medieval Faire


Looking forward to a great 2017 Faire!!!



2016 is in the books! It was another great Faire, but a bit cooler and a bit of a wet start to Sunday!

We had 12 jousters competing in the 4th International Invitational Jousting Tournament with Jean Francois Drapeau winning for 2016! Our expanded space this year worked wonderfully with the re-enactors creating a village one could wander through seeing something new all along the way. New games in the “midway”, Chicken Bingo and Viking Game were a huge hit and will return in 2017.

We also had a new entertainment at the Faire with a lady riding a dragon! They will be back in 2017!

The National Chivalric Combat Federation was a big draw this year… you must like seeing people sword fighting for real! They will be back to compete in Battle of Brooks!!!


2015 saw another great Faire!

We had 18 jousters participate in the 3rd International Invitational Jousting Tournament – Ole Bach and Aase Hoejgaard Svendsen from Denmark, Marie Baron and Luc Petillot from France, Nicola Corrarello from Italy, Damian Debski from Poland, Sarah Hay from Australia, Ripper Moore, Stacy & Jeff Wasson from United States and, of course Canada was represented with jousters from Quebec, Jean Sebastian Drapeau, Marc Hamel, and Caroline LaBrie, and from Alberta we had Jean Francois Drapeau, Dale Gienow, Radar Goddard, Alison Mercer and Dale Thwaite.

Ripper Moore was our International Invitational Jousting Tournament winner in 2016! ( He also won the first tournament in 2013!)

The N.C.C.F. (National Chivalric Combat Federation) also held a tournament that they would like to make a yearly event at the Faire. Tournament Champion* was Tyr Wenderhalla (Blades of Crimson Aurora) Longsword Duel winner was Brian Boisson (Company of the Black Spears)

Shield and Sword Duel winner Aiden O’Brien (Company of Black Spears)

Polearm Duel winner Wade Ames (Ironhart Vanguard)

Melee Category 5  vs. 5 winner Ironhart Vanguard.

*The title of Tournament Champion was given not to the individual who won the Tournament but to the one who was most deserving, and who best displayed the tenants of Honour, Courage, Franchise, Humility and Faith in Himself. This person was recognized as one who has helped the organization to grow and gone above and beyond in the support of our sport!

In the re-enactors sword fighting the winner was Matthew Barnett from Living Backwards Society!




Ole Bach from Denmark won the International Invitational Jousting Tournament in 2014.

2014 saw the second annual International Invitational Jousting Tournament with Nicola Cprrarello from Italy, Ole Bach from Denmark, Sarah Hay from Australia, Jean Sebastian Drapeau from QC, Canada, Radar Goddard from AB, Canada, Marc Hamel from QC, Canada, Jean Francois Drapeau from AB, Canada, Stacy Wasson from USA, and Jeff Wasson from USA.



We celebrated 10 years in 2013 with our first annual International Invitational Jousting Tournament. We had jousters from all 3 continents: Sarah Hay from Australia, Frederic Piraux from Belguim, Ripper Moore from the USA, Andre Renier from USA, Jordan Heron from ON, Canada, Marc Hamel from QC, Canada, Jean Francois Drapeau from QC, Canada and Alison Mercer from AB, Canada and Radar Goddard from AB, Canada.

Ripper Moore won the Jousting Tournament in 2013.

In the sword fighting area Stephane Mahaux from Living Backwards won in 2013.





2011 was the first 2-day event and we keep going!  Each year we work to bring you more entertainment for people young and old.



2010 was the first year at the Old Rodeo Grounds with a one day Faire.  The move allowed us to have animals on site such as the petting zoo, herding dog demos with their sheep, and of course, the first extreme sport, jousting. 
The Brooks Medieval Faire Society was registered as a non-profit society and continue we did.


 Alas, as the Faire grew, the Library board decided it was taking too much staff time away from the Library so they passed it on to a community group to continue in 2010.






The Brooks Medieval Faire was started in 2003 by the Brooks Public Library as a fun family afternoon in Evergreen Park right beside the Library.